10/24 Design


These days it’s incredibly simple to use an off the shelf template to create a website, and just as simple to purchase a premium theme to make the site look even better. In reality though, designing a site these days is only half the battle.

All my sites are bespoke builds, tailored exactly for your client-base, using either your own imagery or high quality stock photos if preferred.

Creating a nice looking website is easy enough, but creating one that performs and actually converts your visitors into customers is much less simple. All too often people will make changes to their site without understanding the implications that they can have on their search listings. A simple action like renaming a file or moving it into a different folder can lose you ranking if not done properly, and the rules for doing this without being penalised change all the time. I keep on top of these changes and follow industry best practices so you don’t need to learn them.

All my sites are tested across the ever increasing list of devices and browsers to ensure the best possible experience for all your visitors, and I monitor web analytics closely to understand your demographic to best position that design to suit their needs - for example:

Building a site with all these factors and more is crucial in modern web design but is still frequently overlooked. I will work with you to understand what you need, and advise what you need to do to achieve it.

Bespoke design, never from templates, with your customers in mind